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Video of Olympic Games of entirely different of netizen online difference shines
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Internet borrowed Olympic Games transmission to promote integral value

First time of Olympic Games of since of Beijing Olympic Games is held in China, also be Internet first time enclothes an Olympic Games to report as mainstream media, at present double already double cross gave a satisfactory answer. On September 10, 2008, center of information of Chinese internet network (CNNIC) combine data of 10 thousand luck to release " 2008 Olympic Games Internet of Beijing transmit the effect to study a report " (the following abbreviation " report " ) show, of Beijing Olympic Games hold the information that enhanced a netizen greatly to consume ability, network media competes adequately fruitful, drive the application such as network video to develop quickly, become event of a when Chinese Internet develops important milestone. Two afore-mentioned orgnaizations before the Olympic Games kicks off already were released jointly " behavior of spending of media of Chinese netizen Olympic Games considers to report " .

The Olympic Games looks to become the substantial that the netizen lives daily on the net

" report " investigation shows, the netizen is during the Olympic Games, growth grows when getting online 25% , spend the time on Internet on average to be 3.39 hours everyday, and 1.63 hours of among them flowers were in related the Olympic Games on content. With this computation, olympic Games netizen spends the time on Internet on average to be 23.8 hours every week, according to the data by this year June, when our country netizen gets online on average every week, grow for 19 hours, the netizen information spending that the Olympic Games brings under photograph comparing increases greatly.

Regard omnibus sports as the match, the Olympic Games channel of 9 websites that monitor this and photograph of sports channel total flow will be compared July, independent user number rises 6 during the Olympic Games times, the page browses a quantity to grow 22 times. Be in during 17 days of Olympic Gameses in these 9 websites, the user that visits Olympic Games information everyday is occupied on average 76% , about 180 million independent user is shared to finish 1.7 billion to visit during the Olympic Games second, the Olympic Games makes the component that the netizen lives daily.

" report " show, 21-30 year old the group spends time on Internet most, this group is the group that gathers in school undergraduate and white-collar, the reality that represented Internet consumes force and potential spending power. From time proportion trend the picture looks, as the growth of the age, the flower takes tall trend gradually in the time proportion on Olympic Games content, this one trend is more clear in group of 26 years old of above.

Nearly 3 change commonly used website into around of netizen Olympic Games, network media competition is intense

Investigation shows, the netizen of 27.4% is during the Olympic Games relatively before the Olympic Games, the most commonly used will get an Olympic Games (sports) the website of information produced change, this also confirm before this about 3 lines city or into the change intermediary of Olympic Games net competes pattern advocate of position forecast. And after changeover, they are spent to the satisfaction of each website promote somewhat. Among them, the satisfaction to the website that oneself use during the Olympic Games spends deep understanding and the netizen that use Internet character adequately highest: The most commonly used to oneself the website that will get Olympic Games information, the netizen that pays close attention to interactive sex is most satisfactory, and the satisfaction of the netizen that pays close attention to accuracy spends lowest, analytic personage thinks, this and to seek rate generation of a few websites information is lack fidelity wait for a problem to concern.
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