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Flowing carry date to turn the crucial link that the net will become TD to devel
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The Wang Jianzhou of Chinese mobile president that amounts to Wo Si forum attended to disclose to media in Tianjin recently, TD2 period tries business to use will execute " 3 not principle " : Do not change name namely, the number that the user makes when 2G, after joining TD, still use; 2 do not exchange card, the user blocks the mobile phone that uses at present to insert TD mobile phone to be able to be used directly; 3 do not need to register, the network can identify and should be clear about what 2G user to turn only the user that it is TD can, the user does not need to go postal service hall is dealt with.

According to watching international easily (AnalysysInternational) the analysis points out, in GSM and TD network and systematic confluence respect China shift can assure, do not change name, still do not get stuck, after needing to register this 3 big obstacles, user of prospective shift 2G still needs Chinese shift to overcome 3 big challenges actually to the move of TD network:

It is the challenge of terminal function above all, from mobile first phase the particular case that in trying business to use, system of custom-built terminal place comes out now looks, the TD of current and a lot of type, terminal is configured in design of batteries, function, exterior, function wait for a respect, still have certain difference with existing 2G terminal, satisfy very hard at present the applied demand of mainstream user. This will form certain negative effect to the development of TD business, fall with the circumstance that does not go up in terminal function even, the use of service of mobile to TD network and China business experiences meeting influence user glide.

The 2nd challenge that is network function, although finished GSM to TD flowing turn net, but below the case that even if develops maturity in the function of double net switch of terminal, if the signal covering power of TD network, stability, with etc dependency can, cannot obtain the condition that keeps balance with GSM network at least, so the use of the user is experienced can get very big impact. Of course, the inadequacy of network oneself is Chinese shift can strengthen construction to make up for through increasing investment.

The 3rd challenge that is follow-up of 3G characteristic business, from at present the development of TD business looks, chinese shift has not found those who have apparent TD distinguishing feature, can form the innovation of stronger to the user appeal business. From short-term in light of, the new business that was not based on 3G characteristic is offerred, fashion the user appeal that is based on 3G application very hard, move cannot have window business to use what can affect an user serve to 3G on certain level to use initiative truly to 3G network.

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