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Risk with other identity conduction mobile phone blocks obtain sudden huge profi
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Yesterday, city public security bureau is reported, on October 9, police is uncovered risk with other identity conduction mobile phone blocks bugle call, enlightened international sells the case that seek profit after long-distance function, arrest the 6 crime suspect such as Zun Mou, Wang Mou. It is reported, this gang causes loss of company of communication of and other places of our city and Beijing, Jiangsu many yuan 200.

Spokesman of news of city public security bureau introduces, on May 10, company of our city some communication reports a case to the security authorities to police of new and high district: Somebody is risked with other Id conduction mobile phone gets stuck, dial international long distance call.

Substation of public security of new and high area establishs case group to launch investigation instantly. Police discovers an important clue: On April 28 morning, the some communication company that report a case to the security authorities is gone before the man that the name controls 20 years old, the mobile phone that dealt with 19 pieces of 156 begin for this unit staff gets stuck, it is subsequently among them card of 10 pieces of mobile phones opened international to grow word function.

The policeman is found out, up to on May 3 midday, 10 pieces of card all have dial international long-distance record, accumulative total owes international to grow a telephone bill 436 thousand yuan. Check through communication company, these mobile phone card all are opposite with use person portion on date -- this is somebody risk do calorie of ill will with other identity pilfer makes long word.

Case group judges this is a guilty gang that has an organization. Very fast, police lock was decided among them Zun Mou of a suspect. Investigation discovery, this gang blocks pilfer to hit international to grow a word besides use mobile phone, still hit international to grow a word through network phone pilfer.

On October 9, in city public security bureau assistance falls, detachment of detect of classics of substation of public security of new and high area, gumshoe detachment, branch network detachment hits out 3 times, head for new and high Ou Shiqiao respectively 3 ground carry out clear temple of jade of area of slope of the mouth of a well of region of dam of shop, sanded level ground, 9 dragon at the same time capture, will be suspected of pilfer hitting international long-distance Zun Mou, Wang Mou, Wen Mou, Xu Mou, Li Mou, Pei Mou to seize.

Police rents the mobile phone that the capture inside the room has used to block 2783 pieces in this gang, did not unseal use mobile phone blocks 1003 pieces, and relevant commit the crime tool, capture illicit money 160 thousand yuan.

Original, this gang is risked technically with other Id conduction mobile phone gets stuck. Subsequently, they block 10 yuan of prices that differ to 50 yuan to be hawked silently with every pieces. This gang member is divided these international be openinged the mobile phone card of long-distance business sells outside gaining profit to the other place, the part leaves him to use.
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