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Resurgence bright wireless business income will be added two become driving forc
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In recombine cause the market below the circumstance of intense competition, the gain level of the manufacturer of domestic telegraphic equipment such as resurgence communication gets attention fully.

The sea connects negotiable securities to published research report to express a few days ago, stem from pair of whole world economy to add fast those who put delay is anxious, and dozens of home market is big price war and infrastructure are shared wait for negative factor, a of communication of this attune low resurgence 2008-2010 year every gain anticipates arrive respectively 1 ﹒ 24, 1 ﹒ 73 with 2 ﹒ 18 yuan (RMB. Similarly hereinafter) . Should think the gain ability of the company still has bigger promotion space all right, and what the puissant dilate of overseas market and 3G construction bring is new increase investment but the income that drive did not come to two years grows, in it is better to often appear when the market is exceeding and pessimistic buy a place, because this keeps resurgence correspondence " buy " investment grade.

The report expresses, from the 3rd quarter Chan Jilai looks, company income grows than parting with annulus compared to the same period and glided 29 ﹒ 0% mix compared to the same period with gross profit of 4 ﹒ 4%; annulus score did not grow 57 ﹒ 8% mix compared to the same period with profit of net of 4 ﹒ 3%; annulus score is fastened and glide. Company this period income growth basically is mixed by firm network smooth communication product and drive of mobile phone business, income of net growing prep above is added fast main reason is wool interest rate promote somewhat, and during expense ratio glides somewhat. However, financial cost rises considerably because of exchange gains and losses, otherwise company this period net growth will be more rapid.

The report thinks, income of wireless communication product rises before the company 3 quarters compared to the same period 13 ﹒ 3% , add fast relatively increase about 3 percent first half of the year, this income that forecasts annual of business of company wireless rise in value is added fast for 15% . It is the height of domestic 3G invite public bidding and construction next year, income of wireless communication business will increase company next year because of 3G thick 10% above. Those who stem from apparent to global economy boom be issued to lower levels is anxious, should move small company future two years all right of income of wireless communication business add fast to 20% . Formulate collected strategy through be operation to decide, should believe income of business of company mobile terminal will not achieve the growth of 20-25% all right, and domestic operation business begins custom-built 3G mobile phone to will make business of company mobile terminal grows to have safeguard more. In light of whole, although face the macroscopical economy of not do one's best and day,the market of beneficial aggravate competes, should think the company adopts the drive of loot market share and domestic 3G all right, future can realize the income of 20% above two years to grow.
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