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Jing Xiaoling tells an user only 70 beyond enter state of emerge of itself and p
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Be in " 3G times is small well-informed development foreground " seminar, beijing net connects Hao Xiufang of assistant chief engineer to divulge, beijing puts 70 more than small well-informed user only at present, had entered the state of emerge of itself and perish of itself.

Our country is begin mount a horse from 1997 small well-informed, and Beijing criterion only then 2003.

The network size that Beijing net knows small well-informed network to be designed the earliest is 2.7 million; 2005, development reached small climax 2006, be in 2.5 million the left and right sides; The data statistic last month, the user is maintained only 70 much, less than 800 thousand.

Because Beijing telecommunication did not develop small well-informed business, the data that connects because of this Beijing net represented Beijing district the panorama of little well-informed existing state of affairs.

Beijing is small well-informed once extended power really very big, the endowment cost that published a lot of privilege is politic, send month of telephone bill, package to wait a moment for instance. But had stopped to popularize at present, have the interest that assumes its emerge of itself and perish of itself quite.

Current, the whole nation has 80 million in all " small well-informed " user, still have nearly 20 million in addition " a double machine " fixed telephone subscriber, by Chinese telecommunication and Chinese UniCom operation. "Small well-informed " because of its endowment cost the characteristic such as environmental protection of low, green, in in small town and rural Ceng Yi are spent very popular.

■ expert viewpoint

Weak point the market won't be exited inside time

Be in according to report of Xinhua News Agency " 3G times is small well-informed development foreground " on the seminar, the expert thinks, inside brief period " small well-informed " will coexist with a variety of communication technologies, won't exit the market very quickly.

"Those who serve as fixed phone is outspread, small well-informed and short-term inside still have vivosphere. But from the point of long-term development, still can encounter a lot of problem such as catenary of frequency, industry finally, may take advantage of an opportunity is exited. " Yang Peifang of assistant chief engineer of industry and academy of informatization ministry telecommunication says.

UniCom of Chinese telecommunication, China is in " small well-informed " also making on business adjust and try. Chinese telecommunication expresses about chief, eye reach uses the endowment cost level of communication, had not arrived press " small well-informed " when the user is migratory. Inside short time small well-informed won't exit the market.

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