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Hopeful of user of net of Chinese mobile G turned into 3G directly 2009
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Yesterday, chinese mobile interior and relevant TD enterprise are in outward bound to divulge, mobile phone enterprise cooperates G net user to transfer to TD network related the requirement on the in-house TD meeting that shift is holding in, support namely " do not change name, do not exchange card, do not register " principle, chongqing hopeful is executed in next year.

" do not change name " namely after GSM user joins 3G network, can retain original number; "Do not exchange card " namely the user can block G net SIM, the U-SIM card card that inserts TD network directly is used in groove; "Do not register " namely the user does not need to be dealt with to postal service hall, can undertake discriminating on the net directly. That is to say, chongqing user is done not have necessary upgrade for 3G network again the trival formalities in the process and anxious, and hopeful experiences this to plant in next year " one net double standard " service.

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