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Yang Peifang: ? of of large of υ of of bifurcation of × Zhu ㄒ should take a
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On October 24. Be in " 3G times is small well-informed development foreground " on the seminar, yang Peifang of secretary-general of telegraphic economy committee of experts expresses, small well-informed already already emerge as the times require, should take advantage of an opportunity and retreat. He thinks to see a technology have vitality, want to see 3 factors: Advanced sex, economy and practical.

He reviewed 30 years of incoming telegrams to believe the development course of course of study, the economy that expands from telegraphic course of study undertook an analysis on the rule, think small well-informed ought to take advantage of an opportunity is exited.

He says: "I do not eliminate small well-informed what continue to serve as fixed phone in each areas is outspread, continue to serve period of time, but the problem that should know to still can encounter chain of frequency problem, industry finally, the what course to follow on whole, I look or want take advantage of an opportunity to exit, the resource of the user, include 1.6 million base station resource is taken, transfer to more advanced technology, perhaps be 3G, perhaps be Japanese Willcom puts forward new broadband to accept plan, this did not concern, but won't be small well-informed. "

He expresses, in future, telegraphic network should be the whole nation is the same as a net, but be being received is diversity, terminal is individuation -- the demand that answers different crowd, manufacture different terminal, but the network should be a net.

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