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Qiao Nan: TD and whole business are the two big bottleneck after 3G deals
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Is communication exhibited this year what window is there? This is afraid is the problem that everybody cares most.

Should say, exhibit the window on the meeting a lot of: The enterprise builds meticulously exhibit of all kinds and stage, wonderful business to demonstrate, the terminal with fashionable and powerful function, group the forum that Ying Hui comes together, be in even exhibit the to-and-fro mascot inside the house, can say for window. Nevertheless, develop as the industry " vane " , exhibit what be worth to look most on the meeting, it is to pass through what phenomenal place reaction comes out " substaintial " , also or trend.

No matter be,exhibit from communication, still look from the integral case that the industry develops this year, the TD-SCDMA that suffers controversy is the biggest heat. In in exhibit a stage mobily to go up, scan widely visits full office all TD, and the design that exhibits an area also is to expend idea quite: Distinctive petaline modelling, TD business experience is in stamen in the middle of, 5 leaf represent 5 different segment such as appearance of systematic equipment and equipment of form a complete set, instrument, chip, terminal and business application respectively, it may be said shows originality.

In addition, collective ginseng postpones 42 businesses that moved to combine TD industry catenary this to swim up and down in, and emphasized the theme that the industry cooperates everywhere. More special is, this ginseng is exhibited, besides TD, shift did not show the business brand of other respect and product in, inside this how many accumulate contained a few message.

Up to now, the TD user number of our country already was close to 300 thousand, industry and Han Xia of deputy director general of bureau of manage of fuse of informatization department report are to the evaluation of this one word " finished level sex to expect development end " . To the foreground of TD, yang Hua of secretary-general of TD industry alliance all the time confidence is dye-in-the-wood: "TD-SCDMA next year can enter official business to use level certainly " .

In in telecommunication exhibits a stage, easy advocate hind of CDMA " premiere " times get attention. Everywhere is visible " Tian Yi " mark, reflect the enormously proud of one's success after the telecommunication in going out takes long-unseen mobile license plate. To " number knowledgeable person " wait for traditional business, telecommunication also added mobile edition for its, show a network of will existing firm and mobile and shirt-sleeve trend adequately.

Next month, in telecommunication will be formal client of the high end in facing, it is a brand with Tian Yi, roll out CDMA189 date paragraph. In in the market of high-end client goes all out in killing, in telegraphic and appetent the road that walks out of competition of a poor dissimilation, through popularizing mobile Internet business, make collect shift, data, information bind the distinct advantage at an organic whole.
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