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TD family base the first client rises to station China premiere surface
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Recently, picoChip is in China first time is spectacular family of its PC8808 TD-SCDMA base station software reference is designed, this action is indicating this product already can enter the market in the round. Disclose according to PicoChip, china's banner family base station solution supplier outstanding arteries and veins corresponds (the TD-SCDMA client that Digimoc) already became first PicoChip to be announced external. Outstanding arteries and veins corresponds in its the PC202 chip that PicoChip used in product of domestic radical station and PHY software consult design.

Reference of software of domestic radical station designs the PC8808 TD-SCDMA of PicoChip is by PicoChip Beijing design center is in of domestic research and development. TD-SCDMA is one of the 3rd kind of main 3G standards, already was in operation is thrown during summerly Olympic Games today. PicoChip is supportable now all 3G series of standard: Include to devise the WCDMA(HSPA) plan of implementation through PicoChip PC8208/8209 reference, adopt the Cdma2000/EvDO plan that completes with GWT collaboration, with the PC8808 that supports TD-SCDMA reference devises plan. Some earlier this year moment, picoChip ever had announced his family of odd chip of the 2nd acting PC3xx base the detail of station SoC series, rolled out the first LTE inside course of study domestic radical stands. (" Home ENodeB " ) .

Mr Yang Hua once expressed secretary-general of TD-SCDMA industry alliance before this: "Domestic radical station is the main component of TD-SCDMA industry ecosystem, and be the essential part of operation business strategy. Become us especially gradually to TD-SCDMA LTE gradual progress when, the job of PicoChip has important sense to promoting TD-SCDMA industry. "

PC8808 consults the design supports HSDPA, it is current of lowest of the cost inside course of study, complete solution. The odd chip platform that is based on PC202 is compositive Node B and RNC agreement inn, and very easy as compositive as core network at an organic whole, these networks can use a large number of different frameworks, be like IMS, Lu-h or UMA. This design is the referenced design program that software defines, and the base band program that offerred superstratum software inn. The PC8208/HSDPA of it and PicoChip and 8209/HSUPA WCDMA platform are based on same framework.

As we have learned, picoChip is exclusive product of an all and existing chip is only dedicated the semiconductor company at wireless foundation framework, what offer base band solution to be able to satisfy next generation adequately wireless system is mixed to time of cost, development the slashing requirement of flexibility, the product of much nucleus processor of this company has the sexual price of world-class to compare a dominant position. The technology of PicoChip becomes WiMAX base the occupation standard framework of the station, it is trendy the banner supplier that domestic radical stands, support HSPA, WiMAX, LTE, TD-SCDMA, Cdma2000/EvDO and GSM/GPRS/EDGE. Company product range is enclothed from the family base the station receives a dot to arrive small a honeycomb-like thing and grade of mixed business of operation of much fan district grand beehive.
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