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08 communication exhibit big check: Tide of LL IP of of admonish bowstring
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No less than exhibits what forecast before the meeting, IP becomes communication network to develop " the centre of a circle " , in business of equipment of each big main trend exhibit a stage to went up to see ALL-IP solution without one exceptional ground. Develop as the high speed of IP technology, and the soft exchange, IMS occurrence that exchanges a technology, make AlloverIP becomes reality. Not only such, IP network also presented grumous shirt-sleeve atmosphere, bear the weight of greatly network concept has matured stage by stage. In addition, the heat such as network of monitoring of net of telegraphic class aether, video, IPTV, unified communication, family also alls come on stage, deduced a stage of wonderful data business T beautiful.

ALL-IP network: Shirt-sleeve, bear the weight of greatly network concept matures

On the arena of data domain, most the keyword blame IP that grabs an eye not is belonged to. China for, resurgence, love establishs Bell of letter, Shanghai Aerkate and Nuojiyaximen child communication did not have one exceptional ground to show ALL-IP network solution. And, equipment business highlighted shirt-sleeve idea in IP network. In China for, those who love to establish the equipment business such as the letter exhibit a stage to go up, those who reveal is alone core no longer net or accept a web solution, however solution of ALL-IP shirt-sleeve network.

Current, the bounds between deferent net and IP network disappears with each passing day, what network of the IP on original deferent net overlay forms higher level to go up is big bear the weight of the net has made a kind of trend. And whole business district by implement rolling out was to accelerate shirt-sleeve process more, for operation business implementation whole business operation offers sufficient condition. The whole business way that card of Er of A of Shanghai shellfish Er shows especially by implement, consolidate all functions that realized BRAS and SR with an equipment from hardware. And peculiar DPI board the purpose that blocks flow control strategy to be able to obtain control business, offer understanding user depth to operation business the information of second demand, assist operation business to undertake scientific data is analysed, implementation turns operation subtly.

As whole business operation undertake, the ALL-IP that is based on 3G network bears the weight of the solution can roll out the net in succession, it is more and more mature that shift radical stands to pass a solution to also be met. Can predict, exhibit in the communication of the coming year on, bear the weight of greatly the net will be one large window.

Video monitoring: Be benefited ALLIP

As " restful city " the driving stimulation that how project and each district, each industry prevents project demand to quicken the element such as growth and pull move, video monitoring market of China got large-scale erupt. In current exhibit on the meeting, balefire science and technology, love established a letter to roll out the video monitoring program that is based on IP. Can see, solution of prospective video monitoring will use intelligence, standard, open, shirt-sleeve IP technology, full implementation IP is changed. And product also will more highlight intelligence to change change with human nature, the memory with discharge management, agile link of high-definition video, high speed is politic, intelligent search, forms for reporting statistics is referred wait for multinomial function to will be brought into in video supervisory system. Additional, chinese UniCom revealed IPv6 video supervisory system, the video monitoring solution that is based on IPv6 technology also will be future a heat.
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