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International communication exhibits one of big check: Ze drinks admonish brigh
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Information communication exhibited China International to will be held in Beijing to 25 days on October 21 2008. Just meet industry and informatization confluence development are accelerated, telegraphic course of study recombines the business that reach 3G to use what be about to begin is current exhibit meeting, chose " shirt-sleeve, change, good luck " theme. And numerous reveal content to also develop this one theme incisively and vividly.

We will be you careful check exhibits the heat of the meeting, and the technology that place map gives develops a tendency, the hope depicts the future that gives an industry to develop blue print with this.

8 years information communication exhibits international to just meet industry and informatization confluence, telegraphic course of study recombines the business that reach 3G to use begin, it is the regale of TD, also be the perfect rehearse of extensive confluence foreground.

Operation business is whole business appears

Current exhibiting can be telegraphic course of study after recombining, new business of 3 big operation is shown before everybody with brand-new figure first. Except China partner collective shows mobile choice and TD-SCDMA industry cable length outside, uniCom of Chinese telecommunication, China all appears with whole business.

Chinese telecommunication is mixed around business affairs navigate, my Home E Tian Yi brand of 3 big clients, revealed numerous and comprehensive information to serve business. This also is brand of its individual client " Tian Yi " appear first degrees.

Chinese telecommunication faces the wireless broadband professional work that family and individual client show, can carry through installing the client on PC, unified account receives telegraphic city heat, CDMA, family wireless heat, ADSL and LAN network, showed the user with whole powerful business to serve ability; The unified business that inspect message is integrated a variety of shirt-sleeve business inspecting message on a variety of terminal such as eye of PC, picturephone, mobile phone, whole world, IPTV. Confront client of politics look forward to, the telephone exchange service that its show can distributing client of politics look forward to to originally in the Chinese telecommunication of different area the phone inside net, mobile net, comprise a logic only net, OK same number receives part, each other of the cornet inside the net is dialed etc for an organic whole. These are preliminary developed the Chinese telecommunication understanding to whole business and program.

Chinese UniCom exhibits look of the stock market on the mobile phone TV that reveals on the stage, palm, look - city of video monitoring, Olympic Games is connected, the business such as education of rural long-range informatization involves service of business affairs, recreation, life to wait for multinomial and rich applying, also reflected new UniCom to considering to use former China net to open the integrated dominant position with Chinese UniCom.
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