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Pass TD2 period invite public bidding to end shift statistic wins the bid portio
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Resurgence and China announce as soon as possible to also yearn for result of invite public bidding very much, although love to establish letter, Nuojiya - Xi Menzi has announced to cast resurgence, China for alone contest mark, but look from the circumstance of mark of business affairs of mark of contest of these two manufacturers, because quote summary prep above is average level, win the bid so share won't be too high, nevertheless, love establishs letter, Nuojiya - of Xi Menzi join, can make TD2 period invite public bidding turns TD of a throughout history into top level compete for.

According to expert of institute of government of national radio spectrum He Tingrun teachs an analysis, china is mobile 2 period TD build a net to always invest a likelihood to exceed 30 billion yuan, among them, base the station invests eighteen billion two hundred and seventy-nine million yuan, core net invests 2.611 billion yuan, transmission net invests 2.089 billion yuan, the net that prop up invests 1.828 billion yuan, and business net invests 1.306 billion yuan.

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