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5 people cent acts the role of mobile customer service and bilk of public securi
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Begin from the telephone bill that urge capture, a phone turns receive 4 times, "Personnel of mobile customer service " , " police officer of public security bureau " wait for appear on the scene of 5 parts take turns, the purpose just lets receive auditor to believe: Your home account is insecure, need reset. On October 21, live in Guang Xi the king old lady near the door is medium action, be cheated 150 thousand yuan easily to deposit money. Current, police is undertaking investigation to this case.

Accident incoming telegram turns receive ceaselessly

Much at 2 o'clock on October 21 afternoon, king old lady of many years old 70 receives in the home " urge fee " phone. One professes is the woman of staff member of some postal service hall says mobile in the phone, king old lady a machine of the home owe cost 2689 yuan, let king old lady fast the telephone bill that make report.

King old lady feels very feel puzzled, the reply says: "Our home owes so much money impossibly, made a mistake? " the woman in the phone expresses very courteously, particular case over there her not quite clear, if have,doubt can enquire to mobile head office directly. "How much date is your head office? " king old lady enquires anxiously. Answer of the other side says: "You are pressed ' 9 ' key can turn to branch of Chinese mobile customer service directly. "

"Toot " , king old lady presses on phone " 9 " , the sound of another woman transmits in mike: "Hello, china is mobile, what can help you excuse me? " after the thing that king old lady is owed him to expend by the announcement is spoken, the other side enquired her home phone advocate full name, say to help king old lady look up. Immediately of king old lady hears in the phone " the bang in Pi " the sound that knocks clavier.

After a few seconds, the other side says via inquiring king old lady domestic phone did not owe cost, but somebody uses her home machine advocate the full name opens an account additionally in some area pilfer calls. The other side still says to be able to help king old lady turn the phone to substation of some public security to look up, avoid bigger loss.

A little while time, the phone is turned " substation of some area public security " , those who pick up the telephone is one each weighs a surname piece " police officer " . "Police officer Zhang " tell king old lady, this kind of thing puts in gumshoe canal 's charge, turn the phone directly again " team of gumshoe of substation of some area public security " .

What pick up the telephone this is " gumshoe " Wang Lei (phonic) . Wang Lei listens patiently king old lady said the thing. He is passed " check " hind say, what pilfer calls is a gang that is suspected of washing money and bilk, police is concerning the guilty evidence of this gang in collect. He still says, since this gang can use machine of word of home appliance of king old lady advocate the identity opens an account pilfer calls, already mastered the other condition of her home probably, the domestic worth of king old lady may suffer a loss.
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