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Aastra IP Telephone formal listing
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Aastra, located in the forefront of enterprise communications market leader, has formally announced that its exclusively for Microsoft? Lync? Supporting the use of the Aastra IP phones with Microsoft LYNC system started with the sale. Microsoft Tech? Ed2010 General Assembly on 1 December 2010 officially opened on the Microsoft TechEd this year focused on the introduction of the Microsoft Lync system, also announced a huge ecosystem around the co-operation. Aastra company to Microsoft Lync as core partners involved in this conference. Aastra 6721ip and 6725ip telephone provides excellent sound quality and added value, through tight integration with Microsoft LYNC system has become a powerful unified communications (UC) devices. These phones can be run separately from the PC and therefore easier to large-scale implementation. Aastra 6725ip an additional USB cable to PC connection, to achieve with Microsoft? Lync? Server 2010's tight integration: by clicking to a call, and provide real-time status display for business users and team coordination office provides a efficient call management tools. Aastra 6721ip and 6725ip phone design philosophy is to provide users with an unparalleled user experience and unified communications to achieve the following functions: ? 3.5-inch LCD color screen, clear visual display; ? By the navigation keys to realize the convenience of access to calling features; ? For all calls to provide a clear wideband audio, for a large number of communications for international companies to provide benefits. "6721ip and 6725ip release continues Aastra is the best choice for enterprise communications market, high quality and high value strategy," responsible for the Aastra IP phone business, vice president of product management Ximengbibei said, "We have the opportunity with Microsoft together to jointly provide customers with the current variety of communications services with excitement. "
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