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Whole world of yesterday of cereal singer machine opens seller to play online ca
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Yesterday, t-Mobile is located in business of American telegraphic operation before the shop of san Francisco downtown, platoon of about 150 people had a group, after 7 hours, san Francisco city of 26 years old establishs university news is student Christopher (the customer that Christopher Laddish) becomes the first to have G1 of cereal song mobile phone.

This " cost " it seems that too small. This year July, 3GiPhone mobile phone of the apple is when Tokyo put on sale, in the morning 6: 30 have 1300 people waiting, somebody is raised before the shop 3 days ago even had tent. Although be in Oakland, student Jonny Gladwell of 22 years old also is 55 hours ability waited to have first 3GiPhone of local in the chill of deep winter.

G1 and IPhone are feeling screen smartphone, different is, g1 feels screen to be 3.17 inches, deployed sideslip clavier and orbit ball, and 3.5 inches when IPhone is whole feeling. The platform of Gu Ge Android that the distinguishing feature with G1 the most intriguing mobile phone is opening freely then, a lot of services of Android and cereal song have close connection, reveal the distinguishing feature that main attack Internet uses for body, multinomial Gu Ge serves buy inside function, include service of Google map, vista, Gmail, YouTube to wait, IPhone is an apple own system. Identical is service of both support 3G, provide GPS, Wi-Fi and blue tooth link.

Sale price of G1 mobile phone has two kinds, it is the product price that binds two years with the service of T-Mobile 179 dollars, another kind of dispute binds the product of separate sale, retail price wants 400 dollars. According to T-Mobile and manufacturer grand amount to an electron to divulge, mobile phone of Gu Ge G1 opens to booking a quantity to amount to 1.5 million at present. Official of presiding sale of T-Mobile United States Danny Post (Denny Post) expresses, in these users that book G1, about the half chose to bind the mobile phone of operation trade agreement. Christopher is such, he converts operation business for G1 T-Mobile.

This also reflects an an ace opportunity the meaning to operation business. According to the data that NPD of market survey firm provides, will come June from this year August, because a large number of users are loving the network that turns to AT&T of business of operation of malic 3GiPhone sole agent from other network at malic 3GiPhone mobile phone, in adding an user newly, make an appointment with of 3GiPhone 30% it is to come from other network, the malic 3GiPhone outer net of about 24% adds an user newly to come from T-Mobile. This T-Mobile found G1 to serve as fight back.

The senior analyst Ross Rubin of NPD expresses, malic IPhone3G mobile phone attracted countless users with the low of 199~299 dollar, let American smartphone market lift new mad tide again, will come this year in June August, average price is American smartphone 174 dollars, with the 236 dollars photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year fall amount to 26% .
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