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Global Q3 is mobile base station contract is close 7 become Chinese manufacturer
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On October 27 message, the market studies company EJL Wireless Research released a report to say a few days ago, the whole world of the 3rd quarter base station contract counts tot 67, on photograph comparing the achievement of 68 contracts drops somewhat first quarter.

According to foreign media coverage, author of company of EJL Wireless Research holds president Earl Lum concurrently to express, be in up to the 3rd quarter September 30, 2008 in, china the contract that won 43 % for technical limited company, resurgence communication company is slightly worse, obtained the contract of 25 % to measure in all, accordingly, this season whole world shares 69 % base station contract is the original equipment manufacturer that comes from China place palm accuses. In the meantime, every main base station supplier won a contract at least in this quarter.

Additional, company of EJL Wireless Research still points out, still have did not include this statistic in time the database without 48 contracts that announce formally, if merge into 48, criterion the whole world the 3rd quarter base station contract gross will amount to 115, so among them, having 58 contracts is by by Nuojiyaximen child network company is obtained, china be on the 2nd for technical limited company.

The report still shows, of the 3rd quarter base station demand basically still is in Asia-Pacific and African area centrally. The 90 % of contract of this CDMA2000 of season whole world still master in manufacturer of Chinese original equipment in the hand.

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