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SamSung week dawn is in relief: Devoted the greatest power supports Chinese 3G
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3G gate open, new army kill billowily, mountain fastness machine is flush market of machine of the national champion in waiting complex element a moment to be being surrounded, how to face intense competitive situation, in 2008 international communication is exhibited on, samSung electron is wireless standing trustee holds area of career ministry China concurrently general manager Zhou Xiaoyang, showed this whole world first the newest strategy of tycoon of the 2nd old mobile phone.

Hope TD expression surmounts CDMA

Reporter: Is at present market of SamSung TD mobile phone behaved how?

: SamSung is the world in the biggest mobile phone firm most realize supportive China 3G first. Will look at present, chinese 3G begins from TD certainly. We can throw the greatest power, support the development of Chinese 3G. Our Beijing academy is built for TD actually. We and Chinese shift give the Olympic Games Organizing Committee together during Beijing Olympic Games mobile phone of 15 thousand TD, the follow-up that also attended Chinese shift is purchased. So far, the product that we produce, can saying is the market go up best.

Reporter: Can you increase investment next year? What kind of market cause is there?

: SamSung rolls out two mature TD mobile phones this year, affirmative meeting is next year more, such ability satisfy operation business to enlarge the demand of the market. And specific the amount that puts in the market depends on China is mobile. No matter TD is accomplished how old, we hope to have the market share with corresponding SamSung. We hope to be able to be done the CDMA that compares us is fortunately.

Do not form with IPhone compete

Reporter: Does malic IPhone have menace to you?

: The apple cuts this field well by right of IPhone. Its product is first-rate, no matter be design or product concept. But it still cannot be main firm in mobile phone industry. Global mobile phone last year sales volume ten, the apple is the amount of ten million class. If it can achieve a group of people of same interest of a gleam of, alternate with of that moment each other just can have the front to compete. We and its differentia depends on, it is to be aimed at special of kind of crowd, we -- the manufacturer of much home mobile phone that includes to resemble Nuojiya inside -- be product of consideration all fronts.

Reporter: The concept that touchs screen is removed by malic belt very popular now, we notice SamSung of not long ago also rolled out I908E mainly.

: Will tell with respect to I908E, had achieved this locality to feel before two of screen mobile phone position in a lot of countries. Have the point of view with a new new think of a way when you, more important is the lead position that you can hold how long. For instance we can see, in automobile industry and industry of industrial electron consumption, not certain " most first " can go final.

Not dread " mountain fastness machine " imitate

Reporter: Are you right " mountain fastness machine " how to look?
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