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Systematic battle begins! Motolora converts Android a group of people of same in
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Beijing time on October 23, 2008, company interior has Nuojiya the research design that the message discloses to at present the company is preparing the Android that organizes a 350 people to develop a group to have Android network project, and the company returns Nuojiya to come to meeting to collect the developer that has intention to the public. According to message of Android in-house personage, motolora company also plans to use Android platform system to subordinate mobile phone in future, the relevant network that also will develop Android platform at the same time uses a service.

The mobile phone with current Motolora is to use Linux operating system for the most part, the tripartite software that embark is relative onefold. Also the part resembles is Motolora Q series it is to adopt platform of Windows Mobile operating system. And the success of the T-Mobile G1 that this global head money adopted Android platform is rolled out, let Motolora company see the another development way of the smartphone it seems that, at present nevertheless Motolora company is the intention that has development merely, all jobs still are planning stage, but look from present circumstance, the war of platform of the intelligence on mobile phone market already stealthily pulled open prelusive.

The hopeful of G1 next year that supports Chinese TD-SCDMA level appears on the market

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