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Cisco China denies Lin Zhenggang of president of big China division to withdraw
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On October 27 message, cisco (China) Xu Jie of manager of public relations department says, vice-president of Cisco whole world holds Lin Zhenggang of president of big China division concurrently to did not withdraw house second line sadly, forest still wear in administer at present the job of Cisco China.

Media coverage says this morning, lin Zhenggang begins to already withdrew house second line sadly from August because of age reason, what basically be in charge of job of Cisco China operation at present is an American that is called David Rubio.

Xu Jie says, this message is not belonged to solid, cisco (China) will issue written specification to send media to show this matter. At the same time Xu Kai also confirms, david Rubio also holds a post really official of Cisco China presiding operation one duty.

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