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Problem of flaw of safety of Android G1 mobile phone exposing to the sun
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International report T-Mobile is newest on October 27 there is one to be in very serious safe flaw in issuance AndroidG1 smartphone. · rice straps the safe researcher Charles that discovers this one flaw express, he already reported to Gu Ge this one flaw, but also decide to publish this one information at the same time, lest the user is used by outlaw place.

It is OK that this blemish can be used at user of coax unwitting G1 to visit the baleful site that installs baleful software on its G1 mobile phone.

According to report of new York Times: "Cereal song official admits the existence of this one problem, but state with PC and other mobile phone user appearance is compared, function of safety of G1 mobile phone will limit the harm rate that the hacker atttacks. "

Cereal song official makes public this one safe blemish to express dissatisfaction before patch software is released to Miller, say he violated enterprise and researcher between go regular. Miller's reaction is " user of G1 mobile phone should have know the inside story to counterpoise " .

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