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Telecommunications is filled with division license plate of Oman firm network ca
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Stop a card all the time from October 14 up to now telecommunications of telecommunications operation business is filled with division (00008, HK) transmitted good news a few days ago. According to coverage of Hong Kong media, telecommunications is filled with division the firm network license tag that announced to had obtained Oman of middle east country, after becoming afterwards Oman telecommunications company, the 2nd wins the telecommunications business that sends license plate of local firm network.

Accordingly, hold should originally net license plate, besides can provide firm network phone, online service for place, still can provide wireless and broadband online service.

According to the report, telecommunications is filled with family spokesman to feel glad as a result to bidding; In the meantime, express according to Oman telecommunications management board, telecommunications is filled with division in evaluating a course, of its finance affairs, commerce and technology notch highest.

It is reported, the new license tag that hold extends this can run this locality and international line, reach broadband wait for business. According to the regulation, telecommunications is filled with family financial group to will be inside 15 man-day, affirm accept new license tag.

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