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Mobile phone of RAZR of the generation below Motolora takes photograph exposure
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On October 28 message, motolora since a few months all the time in get into trouble. But, next a piece of pats secretly generation RAZR that divulgeMobile phonethe destiny that the photograph may change Motolora.

ThisThe mobile phone looks like the design of RAZA mobile phone of Motolora tradition. But, this mobile phone used the ROKR E8 mobile phone with newest MotoloraClavier.

Motolora I9 espionage is illuminated

The name of this mobile phone is Motolora I9, the person that is Boy Genius report discovers. Allegedly this kind of mobile phone will be used at Sprint company of the United StatesNetwork.

This respect returns England to did not hear of the hearsay that concerns this mobile phone. But, if the clavier of this mobile phone uses the lighting system with ROKR similar mobile phone, this may be Motolora the union of the optimal function in two mobile phones.

ROKR mobile phone has " ModeShift " (mode is changed) function, key-press shows on screen with different label according to the function. This is beautiful in that way without feeling screen, but, can hold a mobile phone however slenderFigure
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