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Love Feng Ying establishing a letter to seize: Love establishs a letter not to s
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On October 28 message, in 2008 China International communication is exhibited on, love establishs letter vice-president Feng Ying to seize express, hibernate of telegraphic course of study, discard of bad of industry general superior, from 3 quarters money the newspaper looks, love establishs a letter to maintaining good progress.

Economy glides each chain that affecting whole and telegraphic industry, a lot of more current company according to circumstance conformity business, for example Nuojiya, A Lang.

Change to winter of telegraphic course of study or constant problem, feng Ying is seized express, be in especially difficult when, more outstanding superior bad discard, have do bad enterprise to go down very quickly with respect to be on the wane for certain, from 3 quarters money the newspaper looks, love establishs a letter to maintaining good progress.

Meet to be being denied then the part transition from equipment business, feng Ying seizes an explanation to arrive, love establishs a letter is not provider of a simple equipment, have mainstay of Wu of 3 great undertaking, business of network equipment, multimedia, telegraphic major serves business, so love establishs a letter to won't stay in network equipment absolutely this part.

In the invite public bidding of first phase TD that moves in China, love established a letter to acquire the market share of 1% above only. To this, feng Ying is seized express, as a result of what do not have oneself base station product, love establishs a letter mark of first time contest took share of very few market only, but this loves to establish a letter to be opposite without the change base the investment of the station, it is in mark of period contest of this China mobile TD2, love established a letter to bid base station product. Feng mirrors retake to express, love establishs a letter to do not have a change all the time to the strategy of TD, begin to love to established a letter to establish TD group from 2005, rolled out RNC product 2007, roll out NodeB formally this year base station, future still can roll out the product of TDLTE further.

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