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Ouda digital camera telephone checks failed Bossini
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Recently, the Beijing Municipal Industry and Commerce Bureau of Beijing circulation sales of electrical and electronic products in the quality monitoring, five batches of product failure, involving Ouda digital cameras, Bossini Caller ID Phone, Vtrek mini-group Combined audio, USB Optical Mouse Chu Manchester, Onyango webcam. The main problem is monitoring some of the goods have not been identified, and environmental components of lead, cadmium, hexavalent chromium content beyond the SJ / T 11363-2006 standard limit requirement. "Electronic Information Products Pollution Control and Management Measures "Set forth in March 1, 2007 in China since the production and marketing of electrical and electronic products must be marked in accordance with standards of toxic and hazardous substances or elements of the name and content of environmental protection use period, can recycling and packaging Material material name. Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Industry said it would continue to strengthen quality supervision of circulation of goods, commodity circulation and give full play and substandard goods quality monitoring mechanism to force quit the role, quality of goods on the circulation Effective monitoring, clean environment for consumers.
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