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High-definition multimedia phone market XP6100 will write a myth
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As we all know, in addition to the traditional fixed telephone call this a function, almost any other additional features, along with the development of technology, the emergence of cordless phones also failed to change this situation, in October 2009 leading flag company Shanghai Multimedia phones XP8100 listed subversion of the traditional fixed-line the status quo, to achieve the traditional fixed-line telephone business office and home in the great changes in the field to complete the Internet, communication technology, audio technology, touch technology, sound recording technology, a number of high technology Strong integration. Not only that, the Shanghai led the flag after one year of listed companies in the multimedia phone market XP8100 for validation and integration of resources, the re-developed a new a line with public taste multimedia phone XP6100, XP6100 addition to having no mobile phone handsets have radiation effects, inclusive of mobile phones almost have the many advantages of features such as flat-screen touch, etc.; and the new digital high-definition multimedia phone XP6100 screen, which previously dominated the market for analog signal is a multimedia phone blow; also in the business and entertainment features configuration XP6100 also have a more powerful upgrade, the operation is more simple and convenient. Shanghai leading flag company introduced high-end multimedia phone business and household XP6100, its function is far beyond the traditional telephone devices and mobile devices. Be popular in Chinese high-end business and home office market, the market for multimedia phones XP6100, though borrowed from the many advantages of multimedia phones XP8100 project, but this section the development of the phone market, nor lead flag Shanghai R & D staff in a day, Sword of the decade leading technology research and development staff for the flag, not exaggerated. Recording from the digital version available to the public version of the phone screen digital high-definition multimedia phone XP6100, several years of effort to lead flag technology bears the brand in the minds of people a deep impression. According to the Shanghai led the flag Marketing Director Mr. Bruce: "Multimedia Phone XP6100 will completely change people's understanding and awareness of multimedia phones, the Shanghai company will receive the flag high-end products with the introduction of low cost office and home entertainment business in China market or the first, pioneering the multimedia phones in the business office and home applications, the gaps in the market, to market multimedia phones XP6100 business owners in China will completely change the life of a busy office to enrich the content of their lives, improve their efficiency; also very large extent, improve family life, happiness index, let them through practical, fun, entertaining way to obtain information at any time with the outside world. " In the past, family, TV and PC, the main screen of family life, low price of the emergence of multimedia phones XP6100 make family life a "third" screen. With multimedia phone XP6100 The existence of the TV and PC, has been inseparable from family life, in the multimedia phone XP6100 on these two screens is difficult to enjoy the blessings of experience. Multimedia phones XP6100 and configuration of the device easy to use, the power of intelligent multimedia technology into every corner of family life. Through multimedia phone XP6100, users can easily access a variety of information, manage daily activities, such as through the agenda memo, alarm clock, an appointment reminder and other functions; or listen to music, video, digital photos. Multimedia phones XP6100 digital photo frame appearance more than able to attract the viewer's eye, the user can unprecedented large 7-inch flat touch screen appreciate the wonderful pictures; front of the speaker configuration, it is using a unique The acoustics will be restored to the true sound quality, to achieve the perfect visual and audio effects; also support the key form of dial-up phone calls, and also supports manual touch in the form of one-touch dialing. This stylish device that can integrate into any home decorating situation. Danny, research director, said: "This a classic elegant multimedia phone behind, its design, is to make it suitable for commercial office and residential placed in any corner, including conference tables, desks, living room, etc.,. From the phone in terms of overall appearance, XP6100 represents a new era of multimedia phones in the design of a typical case of demand of the times, the younger generation to pursue the direction. 【Product Model】 XP8100 Contact Business】 【Pu Jian Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, Oriental Gold Tower 25F 729
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