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Home telephone network with a fire this winter and the elderly care market
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With continued cooling throughout the country, many parts have been lowered also the first snow this winter, while bad weather accompanied by rain and snow out inconvenient old people living alone at home has become the world's largest child care, especially in field as a career and livelihood of children struggling to run around, parents worried about the state of daily life from time to time may make them worried. Although he could not always around themselves to the elderly, but in winter every year when the sons and daughters will be sent early in the cold of the clothing, all kinds of the most advanced heating equipment and many of the winter, health food, the world's children and hope that their The parents can safely and perfectly healthy through the cold winter. As the Son of man, we all have a sincere filial piety, which may be in such a cold winter are the best things people feel warm. However, as the old people living alone, they are warm in access to external material, while more likely to need and desire for the kind of warm inside, that is, children of a Guanxin words, I heard the cries of intimacy, even like that song "Huijia see "as sung in the lyrics" Life's troubles to his mother, said something to his father talk about work ", perhaps this time is the happiest and most parents feel the warmth when in fact, although the sons and daughters work outside the home often call home, but for a lifetime of frugal living parents, the phone's role seems to only be "that thing", rather than a "chat", so every call they may all be brief, and then We urge children to hang up as soon as possible, so of course, is helping their children to save some telephone charges, respectable parents in China at this point should be the same emotion. In order to save long-distance telephone charges, the old people had been suppressed feelings of loneliness is certainly not desirable, as modern network communication technology, call charges are very cheap Internet telephony has been quietly changing the original telephone call way are virtually unlimited with the parents and children, the frequency of their telephone communication. KC is the largest VoIP network phone brand, has the world's leading telephony core network and the most outstanding quality of Internet phone calls, KC Internet phone software, in addition to supporting popular mobile phone call dial mode and manner, its first in China introduction of "IP phone" is to fundamentally change the old man can not be as difficult to use the computer to enjoy Internet phone calls cheaper pattern, like all old people can now use the network as normal landline phone to dial telephone, this "IP telephone "calling all short and long distance domestic telephone call charges only need a minimum 0.05 yuan / minute, parents and children every day using" IP phone "chat and a half hours, one month down, calls will total a mere 40 yuan so, is not very cheap and affordable it? For many older people to bring rain and snow bashing the door travel inconvenience, the use of "IP phone" with the neighbors or old colleagues, old classmates and old partners usually call you, to 5 cents per minute call rates chat it is in a very enjoyable "IP Dianhua Ji" is a practical KC VoIP telephone network a flagship model, work is very sophisticated, stylish black paint and the many functions of the buttons make this look exactly like the traditional embedded phone landline telephone network looks is on the grade, "IP telephone" landline phone operation and almost exactly the same, but the traditional landline telephone into a telephone line, and "IP phone" is inserted into the access line. "IP phone" a lot of built-in functions, LCD display, big button keypad, number storage, readily available one-touch dialing and other functions, each function key has a text logo, so the old people did in the use and operation will not feel difficult. "IP telephone" can be any of a domestic landline phone calls, mobile phone or PHS, dialing rules are exactly the same as traditional landline phones, the minimum call charges 5 cents / minute, and any two "IP telephone" call between also can not count the calling area and the talk time absolutely free. Unified IP phone is currently priced at: 380 (including 200 of the KC calls gifts, and products for free 包邮 door).
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