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Big Tang Yi moves actor of net of TD network plan to win the bid 50 % portion
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Beijing communication was exhibited 2008 will kick off formally on October 21. Business of 3 new operation also appears on Yu Xinguo first degrees to exhibit with whole business operation, and the focal point that the TD-SCDMA of international 3G standard that China rolls out makes whole industry pay close attention to, all firms that pursue TD business TD reveal weigh as Chongzhongzhi.

Big Tang Yi moves the main contributor that is TD-SCDMA technology, move a personage to divulge according to big Tang Yi, in what China moves to undertaking in invite public bidding of TD2 period equipment, big Tang Yi is moved having good performance, but the portion secret that this personage can win the bid to Datangke and not announce.

Nevertheless, this personage discloses, in the actor of network plan net that in China shift will have this year in April, big Tang Yi is moved won the bid the share that 50 % control, "Had applied at China to move now 2 period in the program of early days network of 28 cities. " big Tang Yi moves a personage to say.

It is reported, last year in the invite public bidding of TD network equipment of first phase, big Tang Zhongbiao the portion of 36.68 % , however, this year Nuo radical inferior Xi Menzi, love stands letter and China for strong join, the competition of TD-SCDMA equipment invite public bidding is more intense. The message says, at the end of this month the TD equipment invite public bidding of 28 cities will lift bid.

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