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5.2 million like element communication of SH9020C of general of summer of 3.3 in
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In 2008 China International communication is exhibited on, the Xia Pu of regain China market carried below the banner 3 products to attend this second exhibit meeting: SH8010C, SH9010C, SH9020C, among them SH9020C is to appear first, the its exquisite indication effect, impression that exceeds big screen, horizontal screen to set upright screen to show switch function gave the author to leave profundity, must plaint: Xia Pu's mobile phone shows the effect is an ox!

Xia Pu SH9020C

Xia Pu SH9020C

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From this piece will look on the picture, the time on screen shows the function is cabinet and lovely very.

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