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Force of bend of SamSung of life of outstanding be an official recommends SamSun
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In this second communication of 22008 China International is exhibited on, samSung exhibited oneself much money product, among them what bend force makes is this SamSung I908E, the model of written characters of life of outstanding be an official is seen in the whole everywhere exhibiting a stage of SamSung. Decorate from what exhibit a stage see SamSung will be in not hard the sale respect firm of this mobile phone makes great efforts. Personage of high end of this fixed position, the mobile phone that has GPS navigation function is approbated in what exhibited meeting site to win an audience and pay close attention to extensively.

I908E of SamSung of life of outstanding be an official

I908E of SamSung of life of outstanding be an official

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SamSung I908E carried the software with the greatest whole world to develop business -- the operating system of the most advanced Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional of Microsoft research and development, can not have with personal computer seam join, contact of relaxed and synchronous Outlook sends and receive email, still can edit Office documentation on the mobile phone directly, make an user all-around in shift experience familiar PC operates an environment. On the Windows Mobile platform that opens in Microsoft, OK and convenient installation is a lot of tripartite application software, have powerful patulous capacity consequently, be as high as 624MHz advocate the processor of frequency, safeguard program moving high speed is fluent, do not have with PC 2 send. While function of convenient mobile business affairs lets high-end personage enjoy the life also can answer the job easily.

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