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Governmental dominant Europe roams cost broken ice is highest do not exceed 0.11
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Below the dominant of European Union government, the price lever that telecommunication endowment expends tilts to the user again. Be in what just go in September, european Union committee published a legislative proposal formally, roam to the short message of mobile phone character inside European Union limits once more cost carries out price fixing, fall be as high as 6 to become. According to this proposal of European Union committee, will rise on July 1 from next year, the cost that user of machine of adversary of business of operation of European Union shift steps a country to send collection of literal short message inside European Union limits is highest must not exceed every 0. 11 euro, and current collect fees on average be in every 0. 29 euro.

New technology develops establish depreciate foundation

Without doubt, endowment cost drops is hasten of general trends place. And European operation business can come true ceaselessly to the short message from one's voice in speech drop, the wireless appreciation service revenue that the development that very big reason is technology and market increases on 3 G to drive grows ceaselessly, mix for speech thereby cost created short message endowment to drop cost space.

Above all, driving growth increases data business income is occupied than. Last year, a series of data business that include short message, mobile TV, company application to wait inside contributed billions of dollar for operation business. The data income of business of a few banner operation occupies the scale of gross income to had been as high as 35 % . Especially deploy of business of much home operation after 3 G network, growth of flow of data of blame short message is rapid, drove the addition of its income directly. The mobile phone is browsed and wireless getting online is the blame short message with the rapiddest growth of operation business income kind business. Business of great majority operation exceeds 40 % in the increase rate of these business sides.

Next, of the promotion that shirt-sleeve business brought operation business efficiency and cost reduce. It is with Spanish telecommunication exemple, 2007, the income of Spanish telecommunication is 564. 4.1 billion euro, relative to 529 2006. Increased for 100 million euro 6. 7 % , management profit is 133. 8.8 billion euro, rose than 2006 19. 3 % . The business strategy with shirt-sleeve telecommunication of Spain of this complete profit from. Spanish telecommunication passes z of n of o of i of c of o of m of e of website of business family status to serve through multimedia for the user, make a client can convenient, quick obtain all sorts of new-style business services. The company faces a company through building " platform of company business information " , provided custom-built service of individuation for group client, realized the dimensions sex of group client to extend.

Can see, new technology new business grew brought income growth to lay depreciating foundation, and the earnings that although operation business income is affected to be brought another time however on certain level,endowment cost reduces. GSM association (GSMA) a findings report shows, european market data roams service endowment cost has been in glide, because endowment cost glides, in May 2007 - amount of 3 G user turned over Europe one time during the portion in April 2008, growth comes 1 . 1.2 billion.
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