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Sichuan telecommunication CDMA casts substantial solid word to dial CDMA complet
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According to introducing, word of a telegraphic solid can dial two CDMA mobile telephone freely, and can change every months the number of CDMA mobile phone; In the meantime, word of two telegraphic solid can dial mobile telephone of a CDMA freely. Telegraphic personage says, national Day golden week begins, the user that handles this privilege jumps continuously, if the user needs to be able to dial service hot line to perhaps be in directly each postal service hall deals with telecommunication.

Market personage is analysed, next, chinese telecommunication will secure a variety of business such as phone, broadband and CDMA mobile phone possibly to bale in the round. "The whole business that allows telecommunication on one hand so be able to effective dilate, also can bring more material benefit for the user at the same time. Also can bring more material benefit for the user at the same time..

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