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Processing rubbish short message puts 4 difficulty user to should protect indivi
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Wang Jianwen of deputy floorwalker of bureau of manage of fuse of report of industry letter department is accepted this morning when interviewing, express, administering rubbish short message is a long-term and formidable job, although was in charge of branch and social all circles to do a large number of works, but at present catastrophe inscribes Shang Cunsi.

The first, legal basis lag. Nodding a short message to be being nodded is to belong to an individual to correspond, get legal protection, telegraphic enterprise has no right to be checked beforehand with monitoring. In the user from be being sent is to do not have legal basis to undertake monitoring among the process that receives;

The 2nd, it is difficult that the technology is on guard. Violate compasses sent short message is had very strong concealment quality, in the meantime, also be the transmission that crosses region likely, it is more difficult also that additionally investigation obtains evidence. Send content and frequency second changeful, be on guard accurately on the technology really difficulty is very great;

The 3rd, the otherness problem of demand of user be fond of, because everybody has different hobby and diverse demand, judge a short message very hard to accepting person for can form annoy.

The 4th, the harmonious problem of much branch, a little short information, the area that involves is very wide, of value of the issue that includes a technology, economic problem, problem of attainder, society decide wait for a lot of domain. Accordingly, the many branches that need public security, industrial and commercial, news, culture, telecommunication to wait inside and unit give full cooperation, adopt positive step to undertake omnibus processing.

Additional, wang Jianwen suggests broad user, the ego that should reinforce pair of individual message protects consciousness, do not shop easily in a few estate, insurance and bazaar wait for a circumstance to register the relevant individual information such as mobile phone number, want to notice to protect individual information.

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