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tripartite pays to expend the market with turn over to the higher authorities of
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A few days ago, home's banner tripartite pays platform money Fu Tongxuan cloth and company of Chinese telegraphic Sichuan, Jiangxi company reach net turn over to the higher authorities to expend collaboration full a cost.

Market staff tells a reporter related Sichuan telecommunication, pass Sichuan telecommunication " the postal service hall on the net " service, citizen can each business of inquiry of the self-help on 24 hours of nets, conduction telecommunication, pay the net turn over to the higher authorities that tell fee through money, do not suffer interference of district, time thereby, need not queue up to await to postal service hall. Telegraphic company passes the collaboration that pays platform with tripartite, optimized existing capture to expend flow on one hand, provided a safety, quick medium of communication full a cost for the user; Offerred for telegraphic company on the other hand entrust era to buckle, wait for perfect fund government service to Zhang in real time.

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