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Move in or lend a mobile phone custom-built implementation wireless Internet tra
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On October 8 message, the reporter learns, chinese shift will lend assistant machine custom-built implementation wireless Internet from " conduit arrives platform " transition.

In the development process of Chinese mobile Internet, china is mobile all the time importunate " mobile dream net " mode got huge is challenged, as free Wap and Web2.0 website arisen, "Mobile dream net " be replaced by free Wap gradually and the brim is changed.

Be replaced by free Wap to avoid and the brim is changed, chinese shift adjusted wireless Internet strategy, "Mobile dream net " will change from conduit as platform.

Wang Jianzhou of Chinese mobile president expresses, mobile dream net will from Dreamnet (the network of the dream) farther outspread to Dreamshop (the shop of the dream) . The mobile dream net after transition can sell all sorts of business and application, and Chinese him shift does not produce among them much application.

As we have learned, move in or will lend assistant machine custom-built implementation wireless Internet transition. Chinese shift will be in the mobile phone inside all sorts of clients carry buy, namely at present on international appellative " Widget " , in order to accord with the online habit of mobile phone user.

According to CNNIC newest statistic, current, the dimensions of user of domestic mobile phone had been broken through 600 million close greatly, the integral increase rate of mobile Internet industry exceeds 30 % , the enterprise adds website of mobile phone WAP newly to will be in future will exceed 1 million 3 years.

The expert points out, as the decelerate that increases user growth newly, and mobile phone endowment expends price elasticity reduce, wireless data application will become the main factor that prompts Chinese shift to continue to grow.

To this, wang Jianzhou expresses, "Wireless Internet is very important in China's mobile strategy, we express very big hope to the development of wireless Internet. We express very big hope to the development of wireless Internet..

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