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WAP of hook in independence moves in: Curvilinear collaboration spreads out alre
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Last weeks of September, a Guangdong shift will open management mode, the information that distributes with wireless site lets all WAP center people enchanted unceasingly. Although subsequently Guangdong shift makes a statement,express this project to still be in at present discuss level. But, people saw telecommunication recombines brought change.

Doubt is like " open policy " backside

This incident results from the forum of height of informatization of medium and small businesses that Guangdong shift will sponsor on September 26. In mobile spot, partial partner moves with respect to Xiang Andong of independent WAP problem the spot quizs, guangdong mobile respect thinks future can try make further exploration in this respect with the partner. From this the message that evolution comes out is become make those who long for numerous and wireless site is hot " Guangdong shift will open management mode to WAP site. "

And the market share that Guangdong shift holds Chinese mobile 1/6. If afore-mentioned open collaboration are able to embark on a journey, demonstrative effect nots allow to ignore.

But, wang Cheng of vice-president of phoenix new media expresses when accepting a reporter to interview, this wide for what circulate " Guangdong shift and WAP station cent are become " the view accords with the true state of affairs not completely. Understand according to him, guangdong shift may be brought to can giving its flow tremendous the award that pulls the wireless site that use to give sale the gender, shift of more similar China gives development the deduct a percentage from a sum of money of number agent.

Although the hearsay of open collaboration is not complete deputy fact, but backside is implicit however more important information. Isolate the wireless site of development and Chinese shift are being found stage by stage as far as possible all the time before this " be mixed " .

Before this, as the bitter fleabane of mobile Internet suddenly develops, china is mobile all the time importunate " mobile dream net " mode got huge is challenged, appear even the danger that the brim changes. And because Chinese shift counts punish to wireless site, is incessant all the time Yu Er.

Wo Si forum is amounted to to go up in what the near future holds, wang Jianzhou expresses: "We won't close an entrance door, we won't say, only mobile dream net can go up, other passageways nip off, we do not let you come in, we do not have this idea. But also not be to say, you expand your business, we offer conduit, we do not want to reduce ' conduit ' . "

The curve cooperates to spread out already

"Actually net of mobile before this dream had made cooperative impact with all wireless sites limitedly. " peak of senior personage king expresses inside course of study. Look in him, just before similar cooperative more is to pass SP and WAP site to finish.

Introduce according to him, inside the ring download that recommends in Wap.baidu.com place at present, what what link is the musical download of mobile dream net, the wireless portal of other main aspect, wait like the net of mobile phone Tecent, net in sky, can use the service of mobile dream net likewise.
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