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New generation shift pays official business to use insert card to be able to be
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New mobile phone terms of payment, "Hand Fu Tong " business will be used in Shanghai official business on October 17, the user binds decided SD card with bank account through be being inserted in the mobile phone, with respect to can relaxed implementation shift pays, this action means domestic electron to pay an industry to will form a brand-new diversity structure.

"Hand Fu Tong " Zhou Jiaqiao of presiding operation official introduces science and technology of operation Shang Hanyin, its first 100 thousand pieces " hand Fu Tong " SD card already was entered enlighten the letter is connected, the market such as Guang Dayin travel popularizes channel, the user crosses to load " hand Fu Tong " the SD card that software and technology had upgraded inserts a mobile phone and with the bank card account is bound calm, can undertake the bank blocks capture of account management, reimbursement, public utility cost, revise ticket, shopping consumption, buy lottery, contribution to wait even trade activity.

As we have learned, the mobile phone terms of payment before this has two kinds, one kind is to pass cost of only collection of mobile phone Zhang; Another kind is the short message pays. And " hand Fu Tong " this kind of new mobile phone terms of payment is charge the bank account from the user (borrow door of charge to an account namely) or deduct in credit card account, in this means, the mobile phone is a simple highway only, the bank Zhang date of the user or credit card date and date of its mobile phone join rises.

"New technology needs due process in the use of traditional domain, but once popularize, foreground is very hopeful. " Lai Jiayong says, for instance the left and right sides began Japan 2004 shift of promotion mobile phone pays, when arriving by 2007, had had the mobile phone user of 1/5, about 30 million person uses shift to pay professional work. At present this business still is in China promotion phase.

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