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Microsoft MSN releases version of MSN 5.0 of new edition mobile phone
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On October 23, microsoft MSN releases version of mobile phone MSN5.0, provide a function for user of broad China mobile phone more powerful, buy individuation serves inside, support includes WindowsMobile platform inside the mobile and instant communication of operating system of all mainstream mobile phone serves. Mobile phone MSN5.0 is aimed at this locality to the demand of the user is developed independently and be become by group of Microsoft MSN China, the good friend in group, define head portrait oneself, build M oneself group function and file are deferent comprehensive conformity of the IM function that waits for a key and PC edition WindowsLiveMessenger is synchronous, make an user OK information of easily synchronous on the mobile phone individuation, learn colorful communication way. In the meantime, the buy inside mobile phone MSN5.0 practical individuation serves, help user searchs the economic life information such as public transportation change and periphery conveniently on the mobile phone. The operating system of mainstream mobile phone that WindowsMobile, Symbian and Java include to wait inside on market of support of mobile phone MSN5.0 and more than 800 comfortable the mainstream brand type that match. The user can visit Mobile.msn.com.cn through using PC, or the newest version that uses the mobile phone that is supported to visit Wap.msn.cn to two kinds of means are gotten freely and use this to release.

Current Internet the development trend of course of study has turned to mobile Internet stage by stage from PC Internet. According to Yi Guanguo the research of border reports, overall market dimensions obtained business of Chinese mobile Internet 2007 eleven billion one hundred and twenty-three million yuan, grow 60.2% compared to the same period. The mobile phone gets online, a variety of mobile Internet apply course of study to already became the heat that Chinese Internet market grows. After Microsoft MSN rolled out version of mobile phone MSNV3 in June 2007 oneself, be abounded ceaselessly and perfect each function of mobile phone MSN, the demand of user of ceaseless listen respectfully, the brand that will know a person to have a letter locates and the experience thes upper part of the body in mobile phone terminal now.

Microsoft MSN vice-president Liu Mr Zhenyu expresses " Microsoft MSN devotes oneself to to adopt this locality innovation and partner strategy, make genuine and authentic Internet environment and experience. The mobile phone MSN5.0 that rolls out this is Microsoft MSN is demand of contented China user, boost the another positive result that this locality innovates actively. We hope to connect those who cross mobile phone MSN5.0 to release, let more users can be enjoyed on mobile phone terminal integrated, convenient serve with the instant communication of innovation and mobile Internet. "

In serious listen respectfully on the foundation of demand of user of MSN of broad mobile phone, the indefatigable effort of many sided of classics of group of research and development of Microsoft MSN this locality, when this version of mobile phone MSN5.0 is rolled out, before was being withheld not only the main function of version, still undertook upgrading in the round to platform of mobile phone MSN, make 5 version are become up to now the function is mixed in the round most powerful mobile phone MSN. The powerful function of MSN of mobile phone of this 5 version has:
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