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Chongqing raises group of hair cost: Cowardly of silk ribbon kills foal? times
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Sent cost of rubbish short message to already increased 5 times. Management board of Chongqing city communication rises from October, adjusted SP group hair short message ceases endowment cost, from before every 0.01 yuan, 0.03 yuan, adjust every 0.05 yuan reach 0.08 yuan.

This year 1-9 month, chongqing city accumulative total suspends about 30 thousand violating compasses number, short message of rubbish of accumulative total intercept ceases 6 million, day all intercept short message makes an appointment with 27 thousand. For short message of proper repair rubbish, chongqing city connects tubal bureau to decide to raise a short message to send cost considerably, the extent that raise price is as high as 5 times.

It is reported, begin rubbish short message oneself since special blow activity, chongqing key increased the monitoring strength to SP business, to violating compasses group the SP enterprise of hair adopted rigorous government measure, up to now, fish of whole town accumulative total violates compasses information to serve an industry 33, right among them the administrative punishment that 2 enterprises carried out close down to rectify. In addition, telegraphic to the foundation still enterprise undertook the key is checked, whether to wait for a respect from agreement of measure of administrative standard, technology, contract for example, adopt measure integratedly to put an end to excessive of short message port to send rubbish short message.

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