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UniCom rolls out SEVEN company to provide service of mobile phone mailbox in
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-- the support that improved pair of Chinese inputs, support feels a variety of input equipment such as screen;

-- installation is handy: The user uses service of mailbox of mobile phone of edition of Chinese UniCom enterprise on his mobile equipment, input email address and password, can read in real time immediately next take mobile phone to mail.

SEVEN company president holds presiding apparitor RossBott concurrently to say, "Let a whole world everybody can use mobile phone mail, this is the long-term goal of SEVEN company. We from the equipment of low end of region of section of the market and of all kinds high end these two respects begin, improve mobile phone to mail a service hard, no matter the user uses what device, let them can use mobile phone mail. We and Chinese UniCom cooperate, can be used for the user provider of UniCom or illicit used handy and mobile phone mails a solution, also make we strode toward the target one pace. "

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