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Lou Qinjian: Develop the property of 3G of problem block up such as 3G mystifica
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On October 15 message, industry and Lou Qinjian of informatization ministry undersecretary are being attended now " 3G is in China " when forum of high level of 2008 whole worlds, highly praise the TD service during the Olympic Games, pointing out 3G mystification, 3G applies promotion to wait is the main problem that at present industry of 3G of block up our country develops.

Lou Qinjian thinks people 3G mystification the very serious problem that is influence 3G development, the person that expend because of offset, should go to the lavatory only use can, and " it (3G) mystification is fried very fiercely, block up develop. "

Next, lou Qinjian is long point out, of intellectual property deal with the basic trend that the problem already made block up 3G develop, ask a price of patent gainer all over the sky, make technical development got block up.

In addition, to 3G application, lou Qinjian states mobile phone TV still has place of a lot of ill, created very great tangle to technical group, block up develop.

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