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Yang Zemin: Discharge 10 thousand people of?450 of mace of of Zhu Ya
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Industry and Yang Zemin of dean of academy of informatization ministry telecommunication express 14 days, user of Chinese mobile Internet has reached 84.5 million person, namely the netizen of 30 % begins to get online with the mobile phone.

Yang Zemin is in " Sino-British innovate hand in hand ― in all the Information Industry did not come to develop " the project starts ceremonially introduction, number of Chinese fixed telephone subscriber begins to appear negative growth, it is 354 million to the end of August, than last year end reduces 11 million. The corresponding period, mobile user 1 add 68.7 million newly to August, gross achieves 616 million. Predict 3 quarters end, netizen amount will reach 275 million person, among them 234 million person realized a broadband to get online.

He says, gross of business of telegraphic market of nation of before this year 8 the middle of a month is 1.468 trillion yuan, grow 24 % compared to the same period; Telegraphic business income 540 billion yuan, grow 8.5 % compared to the same period.

England is stationed in China commerce invests counsellor Introduction Morgan, "Sino-British innovate hand in hand ― in all the Information Industry did not come to develop " the project is started by total office of British trade investment, this project plans last a period of time 3 years, will end 2011. During, series seminar will be held in and other places of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chongqing, will telegraphic industry and relevant the new generation in supplying chain is gotten army the enterprise gathers together, emphasize the successful progress in reflecting collaboration of Sino-British and bilateral trade to concern.

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