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Demand of 3G mobile phone increases gradually hasten mainstream HSDPA becomes ne
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Music of mobile phone download, watch the video, webpage that browse or receive the email that takes accessory, all these has been accepted by more and more mobile phone users. But, if do not have download of high speed network, play like which rise accurate. Nevertheless, 3G times has come now, you are OK and convenient apace awaits download. Achieve the HSDPA mobile phone of 7.2MBps with a speed, the file maybe that downloads a 40MB needs 45 seconds only. It is download music, picture, can experience download as much " fast " feeling. Article, picture is arranged / reporter Li Guangyan

3G mobile phone gradually hasten mainstream HSDPA becomes new hotspot

According to statistic, this year first half of the year, scale of global 3G mobile phone has been achieved 27% , increase 4 percent than 2007. 3G mobile phone already predominate product, and held the high-end market of 70% above. Up to in June 2008, number of global 3G user has exceeded 800 million, 3G market has entered the earlier stage of rapid growth. And all sorts of the market is right making the demand that the 3G mobile phone of type all has different rate, the speed demand of wireless to the mobile phone network is higher also. Delectable is, be based on 3G technology, link of high speed be issued to lower levels is received in group (HSDPA) technology is already mature. The mobile phone that supports HSDPA accords with an user to pass the requirement that be defeated to high speed data, bring about HSDPA mobile phone to become the one big hotspot of new machine. Resurgence communication carries out vice-president to hold executive trustee He Shiyou concurrently to express, the mature market such as beautiful day and Western Europe, the mobile phone of 70%~80% is decided by operation make. The scale of custom-built 2007 mobile phone also achieves China 19.8% . Accordingly, mobile phone manufacturer wants to acquire operation business more order, experience a requirement with respect to what must satisfy an user. Wireless network technology applies high-speed, satisfy this one need of the user just about ceaselessly. Liu Dongkai introduces the president assistant that cruel of dragon of eaves of manufacturer of another Shenzhen mobile phone sends, with GSM/GPRS it is rate even the 3G network phase that reachs 384K is compared, download same content, the download speed of mobile phone of a 3.6Mbps may want 10 times faster more even. For example, the HSDPA mobile phone of 3.6Mbps downloads the time that the MP3 file place of 4MB uses not to exceed 10 seconds.

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