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Hear a library: Future will roll out MBMS and HSUPA service on TD
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On October 15 message, industry and director of department of informatization ministry science and technology hear a library to be in today " 3G is in China " disclose on forum of high level of 2008 whole worlds, future will roll out the service such as MBMS, HSUPA on TD net.

The speech authority that director famous a library says to TD-SCDMA can bring international arena and market competition ability. Express, TD user comes 260 thousand had been amounted to at the beginning of this month, although can provide the professional work that is HSDPA at present, but be in before long in the future, hope MBMS, HSUPA also can serve to the client on present TD-SCDMA net.

In allude TD-LTE, hear a library to express to intensifying driving, say: The progress that unplugs D-SCDMA of 鸗 of M of cheek a key to do sth can catch up with TD-LTE " .

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