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Hear a library: Business of data of development of global 3G high speed most att
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On October 15 message, industry and director of department of informatization ministry science and technology hear a library to express now, wait for the maturity of wireless broadband technology as a result of HSDPA, EV-DO, became global 3G one year of rapid development 2008, disclose, broadband of our country new generation is wireless communication network already was included a country great and special.

Broadband data business most suck lead an user

Hear a library to express, business of data of broadband high speed just is the 3G business that attracts an user truly. Since HSDPA appeared 2006, the increase rate of 3G user is very enormous, especially after HSUPA emersion, its increment is to be remarkable. According to introducing, global WCDMA user was broken through in June 2008 200 million. EV-DO also attained 100 million scale. 3G terminal also moves toward maturity gradually, to June 2008, the whole world appeared in all 601 EV-DO terminal, the terminal of 1312 WCDMA.

Wireless communication network already became the broadband heavy three-year institution of higher learning

Network of wireless to the new generation broadband that pays close attention to very much inside course of study communication, hear a library to divulge, three-year institution of higher learning is weighed in 16 of the country inside, among them the 3rd special it is new generation broadband wireless communication network. The broadband that included to develop with TD-SCDMA future among them is wireless and mobile technology.

Hear a library to express, the country is special to this special support, also hope all trades and professions is chance with this, seize the favorable opportunity that global mobile industry upgrades, concentrate power, the breakthrough is restricted, improve whole mobile industry a class.

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