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Hou Zijiang: Telecommunication recombines a net to connect suffer an effect with
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On October 15 midday message, tell formal now amalgamative belong to the same organization with respect to UniCom net, acoustics institute doctor, net connects the Chinese Academy of Sciences independent director awaits self-improvement to accept sina science and technology express when exclusive special interview, the net is connected with UniCom it is this telecommunication the company with the biggest impact gets in recombining, and recombining cost is far still did not reflect come out.

Awaited self-improvement to attend what hold in Beijing now " 3G is in China " forum of high level of 2008 whole worlds, accepting sina science and technology afore-mentioned expression is made when exclusive special interview. Refer net connects a brand to exit historical arena at this point, hou Zijiang has feeling quite.

"We see inside this, shirt-sleeve cost is very giant. Suffer an effect this actually the biggest is UniCom and net are connected, confluence just begins, but shirt-sleeve cost has not been reflected. " Hou Zijiang tells sina science and technology, shirt-sleeve influence includes the field such as company culture, orgnaization. And be connected to the net and character, "Be in a few this years forever digest recombining process among, it does not have disappear to had stopped. It does not have disappear to had stopped..

Recollect according to him, last telecommunication recombines a purpose is to hope each just turn integrated business operation into business, remove rig. Had turned round to check today last the effect, discovery is give dismemberment Chinese telecommunication, removed a rig, the result comes out a bigger than it China is mobile.

"China is mobile and current the influence to the market, we call competitive pattern unbalance, 3 add up be inferior to it. " Hou Zijiang thinks, if from eliminate forestall respect to go judge, last telecommunication does not recombine to succeed. In the meantime, recombine to also did not finish the transition to business of whole business operation last, this ability is brought about must recombine again today.

"Should finish to be over last time originally, but did not finish. It is this to try to solve to problem of exceeding of business of whole business operation, we still are solved through governmental dominant, premise is done namely through incorporating. " Hou Zijiang says.

Hou Zijiang thinks, incorporate this still hope to continue to finish another to did not do complete business last: The situation of 3 sufficient tripartite balance of forces is formed in telegraphic market, remove rig thereby. From the point of the experience of world market, "3 sufficient tripartite balance of forces " pattern is the most reasonable, than " double oligarch " or " 4 minutes of the world " good.

As to recombine the respective development problem after finishing, hou Zijiang thinks existence a few inaccuracy decide an element. "Do how, I feel to look even. " but he is sure is, the force that this telecommunication recombines to also cannot allow 3 operation trade is achieved balanced.
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