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Base the station is shared will very difficult expert says to share need to have
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On October 16 message, the most intimate industry and informatization ministry one paper " share telegraphic infrastructure " the announcement made partial equipment business small make a cold war, there also is wave motion on the stock market, nevertheless the expert inside partial course of study says, telegraphic establishment is shared only can specific aim ground undertakes, base no matter the equipment such as the station considers to be shared very hard from technology or angle of play chess of operation business gain.

Cao Shumin of telegraphic academy assistant dean says, inside the near future accomplish very hard share base station, europe has very few a few countries to once had tried only. And can save resource truly, the hire that still is station location resource and fulfil, transmit resource later namely additionally possible implementation is shared. She expresses, establishment shares affirmation to be able to decrease repeat investment, but the conference is very difficult, the relation of mutual competition is between operation business after all.

Xi Menzi communication is wireless receive Chen Wei of solution chief inspector to express rather, of 3 operation business make type have a difference, also give share provided technical difficult problem, "Return neither one at present base the station can support 3 to make type at the same time. " Chen Wei suggests rather, the form a complete set that a bit realer measure is a site, power source, component, iron tower, transmit share.

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