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Research: Overspend mobile phone or send " mobile phone dermatitis "
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Comprehensive report, british dermatology can point out a few days ago, one kind often makes what the dermatologist feels a worry, appear in ear or the rash that the cheek handles unidentified account, because use a mobile phone,the likelihood is excessive, skin allergy be caused by.

The research material that this society quote already published points out, after using a mobile phone for long, qualitative to material of nickel of mobile phone surface contact is too long the likelihood brings about skin occurrence allergy to react, generation is called one kind " mobile phone dermatitis " red or scratchy measles. "Unidentified measles appears on the cheek that becomes a patient or ear, the doctor needs to consider the possibility of this kind of dermatosis. "

Learn to point out, a lot of doctors also do not understand a mobile phone to may cause this kind of condition.

British dermatology can be mentioned in announcement, most " mobile phone dermatitis " appear on cheek or ear, depend on the metallic ability qualitative part on the mobile phone and cutaneous contact place and decide. "The mobile phone key-press that if remove for long,metallic ability pledges, theory comes up tell finger to appear possibly also rash. "

Need the mobile phone as daily newsletter as more and more people machine parts or tools kept in reserve, the security of the mobile phone also more and more be paid close attention to. Although still have no evidence at present,technology of proof mobile phone may cause serious healthy problem.

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