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TD is in 2008 the benign development of catenary of industry of 4 important matt
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If say China is mobile,the invite public bidding that TD tried business to use a network 2007 is announcing TD-SCDMA is about to enter drive, so the shift in April 1, 2008 puts date to try business to use will leave a brushstroke on TD commercial annals.

TD is put date and try business is used

Since April 1, chinese shift faces Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenyang, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen and island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty 8 cities, start TD socialization formally to business checks and try business to use the job. After this took over telegraphic net to connect the urban TD network in Baoding and Qingdao. Show according to relevant data, at present Chinese shift is in of countrywide TD base station near 20 thousand, the network is enclothed rate achieve 95% what be the same as area 2G network. Up to on September 20, TD-SCDMA user already amounted to 270 thousand, among them, try business to be with the user 145 thousand, special user is the Olympic Games that includes volunteer of the Olympic Games Organizing Committee, Olympic Games and personnel of Olympic Games service 90 thousand, in addition, he buys terminal and enjoy telephone bill privilege, socialization test user is 38 thousand. Target of user of TD of before Chinese shift plans the end of the year 10 cities needs to achieve 400 thousand.

Shift shows level first phase to try commercial foundation to go up in summary in, in 2 period try business to use will execute " 3 not principle " : It is not to change name; 2 it is not to exchange card; 3 it is not to need to register. Wang Jianzhou thinks to at present a few big questions are perplexing TD to develop, for instance, on the high side of mobile phone price; Still lack poor dissimilation business except picturephone; Show level 2G user to become TD user to must change number or change mobile phone.

In addition, chinese shift is fractionize user group, begin to be in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin from September 3 ground undertake pilot, in the light of different consumption the object rolls out formula of telephone exchange of office of TD company formula, family formula, medium and small businesses and campus chuck eat, lunar function cost differs to 100 yuan from 10 yuan. Carry the pilot condition of afore-mentioned 3 ground, prospective general is popularized in the other city of first phase.

Of TD Olympic Games affirmatory

On 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, according to statistic of Chinese mobile data, the Olympic Games opening ceremony that holds in bird's nest that night, there are nearly 7000 users in Beijing using TD network that evening, the number that uses video to communicate among them is achieved 800 for many times. National hair changes appoint August 29 " confused of window of development of estate of our country hi-tech is shown " the exposure in one article, "10 Olympic Gameses are relevant urban TD, SCDMA experiment net builds entirely, enter successfully try business to use level, during the Olympic Games TD, SCDMA tries business to use a client nearly 200 thousand person. "
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