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Chinese study mobile phone appears on hopeful to become in Shanghai " country ce
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A few days ago, a Chinese that learns Chinese technically to design development for the foreigner learns a mobile phone to appear in Shanghai. Need only gently a bit, can enter Chinese study interface, can tag Chinese character pronunciation not only, provide commonly used word group, return the each other interpret that can realize Chinese and other language. This is the mobile phone that the foreigner that learns Chinese designs, in Hua Dong division is old newest produce learn to grind cooperative achievement is revealed exhibit on the meeting. On the meeting of global Confucius prexy that will hold December this year, mobile phone of this Chinese study returns hopeful to become " country ceremony " .

Personnel of research and development says, this is the Chinese study mobile phone that the whole world learns Chinese the first times to design development technically in the light of the foreigner. Newest data shows, at present Chinese of friend of global foreign country learns total number to already was as high as 40 million. In the whole world " Chinese is hot " below setting, the research and development of Chinese study mobile phone is successful to have keep in mind the friend brought the foreign country at learning Chinese to go to the lavatory.

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