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LG KF600 appears on interesting screen of spirit of InteractPad of NDS Shuang Bi
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21 days, exhibition of communication of China International information exhibited central grand opening in Beijing new international 2008, many 500 unit of 19 countries and area attended this second exhibit meeting.

Current extending the theme of the meeting is " confluence changes good luck " , it is dimensions of 2008 year Asia the biggest, information communication exhibition that has force most, also be the first world-class information that after China International exhibits completion of central new house, holds communication is exhibited, always exhibit an area 50000 square metre.

This second exhibit on the meeting, numerous manufacturer gathers together, brought their new technology new product for everybody, LG KF600 is below, this mobile phone lades the InteractPad spirit that Shuang Bing of a similar NDS still offerred to operate on the foundation of screen of 2 inches of QVGA is interesting screen, and special 5 when the Keith Haring of American doodle Great Master that installs beforehand for this machine designsIndividual characterDouble screen of wallpaper have the aid of shows expressional incisively and vividly.

LG KF600

LG KF600

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